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AAAHeadsets has been supplying headsets to Australian industry since 1999.  We stock all office headsets from the major headset manufacturers.  Headsets are becoming increasingly complex. Digital telephones such as Polycom or Cisco require special settings to ensure that maximum gain is achieved from the addition of modern wireless headsets.  No longer can you simply plug in a corded headset and start making calls. No you can use the one headset to handle calls on your PC, telephone and mobile phone.  Often this is causing users to become concerned. Fear no more, AAAHeadsets professional staff are happy to guide you in your headset activation project.OH&S has become important for Australian businesses.  Headset hygiene is critical where headsets are shared. This includes job sharing, training, medical (MRI, Radio therapy, dental etc). AAAHeadsets can supply a range of disposable headphone and headset covers to aid this OH&S outcome.  These sanitary covers come in a variety of sizes and colours.Fitting a headset to a telephone can pose some problems.  Every telephone brand is different.  These differences include:

wiring specifications
special headset settings on your phone
the telephone microphone type - some require amplification
connectivity method -e.g.  RJ or mini jack
PC settings when using your headset with a PC based softphone such as Cisco Jabber or Microsoft Lync  

AAAHeadsets expert staff have experience with all telephones.  This experience comes free with every headset sale.
Because we carry a large stock of all popular headsets, we can usually ship overnight on the same day that you place your order.  We control your delivery - not some third party clearing house.



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