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The Australian air conditioning industry began its transformation the day Garry Mundy and his two sons Robert and Kevin decided to create ActronAir in 1984. From very humble beginnings, and after realising there was a gap in the market for high quality ducted air conditioning systems that were both energy efficient and easy to install, the Mundy family has taken ActronAir to impressive heights year in year out. With one of the most extensive ducted air conditioning product ranges in Australia, ActronAir have built a reputation for quality, reliability and service that’s second to none. Twenty five years of research and development and a sound commitment to providing air conditioners that are ideally suited to the harsh Australian climate conditions have resulted in one of the most energy efficient split ducted and packaged air conditioning systems in the world. The company’s head office in the Northwestern Sydney suburb of Bella Vista includes a 10,500 square metre world class development facility from where ActronAir manufactures its wide range of reverse cycle, ducted air conditioners for both residential and commercial applications. Some of their products include reverse cycle ducted rooftop packaged air conditioners, vertical packaged air conditioners and add-on air conditioners for use in conjunction with gas central heating.So whether you are feeling the heat this summer in NSW or whether you are planning ahead of time and want to find a suitable reverse cycle air conditioning unit that can conveniently switch to warm temperatures during the winter months, ActronAir have the unit you are looking for. The company’s sound investment in technology ensures an uninterrupted delivery of innovative products and accessories that make your life a lot more pleasant year-round.To find out more, please call ActronAir on 1300 522 722 or visit today.

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