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What is unclaimed money?​Once a business or government department can no longer contact people and accounts become inactive, by law these organisations have to turn the money over to a trust account held by the government until the money is claimed.​Examples of unclaimed money include; ​  - Uncashed Cheques  - Old Savings & Chequing Accounts  - Inheritances  - Share Dividends  - Payroll Checks  - Tax Returns  - Refunds  - Investment Accounts  - Insurance Policies  - Security Deposits  - Lotto winningsI can make a claim myself, why do I need an agent to help me?The monies are kept under the custody of different department, governed by non uniform state regulations, and the fact that these funds are subjected to sector specific legislations, make the process of claiming such monies rather complex and time consuming and is best left to experts.​Yes, you can make the claim yourself, if you have lots of spare time to work out what paperwork is required to prove identity to make a claim but most people are just far too busy these days to have the time to spare, to deal with all these obstacles, which are put in the way to deter people.Take the step today to recover your money assets by phoning, emailing or filling in the Contact Us form on our website and submitting it.


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