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Located in the western suburbs of Sydney, iSupply Electrical is an electrical wholesaler that has a supply chain from both international and local suppliers. Making sure our products meet all Australian standards and regulations is of pivotal importance to us, along with offering nothing less than top notch quality all while keeping the prices appealing to a broad consumer base.Our experience renders us reputable and trustworthy choice in the electrical wholesaling industry with a target market ranging from those at the end of the DIY spectrum to the most dedicated tradesmen. This is particularly important in this day and age as all industrial settings are dependent on quite a handful of reliable electrical appliances. If you are looking for a supplier that strives to keep quality at an all time high, let us crack the electrical equipment nut for you. Feel free to contact us if you need the 411 on some product as to to get you started off on the right foot or simply aren't sure about what kind of appliance you ought to get for a certain purpose.

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