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Have you heard of the term Compound Chemist and a curious to find out what it means?It’s simple. In a word, it means customised treatment that will work for your individual needs. It means moving away from contemporary medicine’s “one-size-fits-all” approach and goes back to the principles of traditional medicine as it was practiced since time immemorial. A compounding chemist like Kingsway Compounding, works closely with other allied health professionals to make the most suitable medicine for every patient’s individual health care. Even the simplest things might make a difference in your treatment. For instance, there may be times when the form of a particular medicine does not suit you and you might have difficulty swallowing. Kingsway Compounding can change the form of a medicine into a chewy tablet or tasty liquid form or maybe into a cream or even a suppository. Kingsway Compounding can also personalise the quality and strength of your dose or reduce the number of daily doses or even combine multiple medicines into one preparation and design them specifically for you.Keen to find out more? Visit today.

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