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Meridian Plastics, located in Brisbane, Australia is a manufacturer of Plastic Bags, Polytube and Flexible Printed Packaging from their factory in Bethania.  All of their products are made locally in their Brisbane factory.  They extrude, print, convert and recycle all in-house and under the one roof. 
Founder and owner, Martin Hemmings, has been involved exclusively in the plastics manufacturing industry for the past 30 years. In fact, his entire adult life has been dedicated to mastering the art of manufacturing quality plastic packaging products.  For the past 20 years, Martin has owned and operated Meridian Plastics from the south side of Brisbane.  Martin possesses an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge and has a depth of experience that has made him the go to person for plastic packaging products.  Meridian Plastics is dedicated to the production of a consistent and quality product for each and every client, customising a client's requirements is never a problem.

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