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Race Nights Australia offer horse racing evenings for businesses, charities and schools. It is an ideal solution for organisations that want to new fundraisers ideas that provide a bit of fun for their members.
Our deluxe packages feature a phantom race caller calling the action live on a screen or TV. All your guests get to participate in a mock race day and we can even run fashions on the field.
Also our DIY fundraising kits is aimed more at fundraisers who want to keep upfront costs to an absolute minimum. School and clubs can break even on the kit with as few as 17 guests attending.  This type of event is the number 1 fundraising solution in the UK.
Racing is a huge part of Australian culture, all year round and especially in spring. This is great for your event, as it means there’s ready-made interest from people of that want to attend a night like this. Visit our website for more information –

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