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The Speaker Shop catalogue isn't just about great speaker brands, but also great sound solutions.  This includes: Home Theatre & Surround Sound Systems, Hi Fi Sound Systems, Docking Stations & MP3 Device Players, Portable Speakers, Battery Powered, Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers, Headphones & Multimedia/DJ Headphones, Speaker Cables & Accessories, and More!At the heart of great sound is a great amplifier. Speaker Shop offers a variety of purpose built amplifiers, preamplifiers at great prices. Amplifiers can have a variety of features including multiple speaker outputs, equalisation, and can take input from specific sound sources. All are clearly detailed here for your shopping pleasure. If you desire the warmth of tube valve circuitry or want impressive digital surround sound, Speaker Shop has the amplifier and speaker system for your needs. Enjoying movies and great audio at home is central to what we at SpeakerShop.Com.Au are all about. Here you’ll find a myriad of products to help you take the home theatre experience further than you ever imagined. From television mounting brackets for your plasma screen, high quality projector screens, through to the latest home theatre technologies that bring films to life! 

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