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     At The Shadow Clinic we specialize in a technique called Scalp Micro Pigmentation. It's founder, Ricky Hancock who was also suffering from this global condition did a great improvement to this treatment so now it could be used to anyone.     If you are suffering from hair loss condition our clicnics located in Australia and New Zealand are on your disposal. The Shadow Clinic's main goal is to help people who suffer from this global condition and it is inevitable to happen at certain time of life.Thus, we have come up with a revolutionary solution for hair loss that combines knowledge and skill for the best result.
The scalp micro pigmentation allows us to mimic hair's follicles closely with a specialised Micro cosmetic technique.
The specialised pigments used to mimic hair follicles are state of the art premium solutions. A top performance of this allows us to mix a pigment colour and match your own natural hair. Although the treatment uses different needle groups it is completely scar free. After the treatment you will immediately walk out of the clinic with a hairline and the treated bald area would be covered with the illusion of healthy thick hair. 

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