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Get 'round the clock hasstle free external website monitoring service that is specifically designed to monitor your uptime and server performance. Instant alerts via Mobile App, Phone, Email and / or SMS you when your website, emails or server are unavailable.WebsiteCheck your websites uptime and ensure its up and responding correctly by returning a server 200 OK message. You can check public and secured webpages with basic authentication and NTLM.WebpageAdvanced content matching technology to analyse and locate specific code, word or phase on your webpage. Ideal monitor for protecting your website from hackers / webpage defacement.SSL CertificatesIf your SSL certificate is invalid or expires this can cause major problems. Your webpage will display "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" which will cause loss of sales and will harm your companies reputation.Email & BlacklistEnsure your mail server is responding and delivery emails. Check your email round trip by checking emails are being sent and received. POP, IMAP, SMTP. Go one step further and fully authenticate.ServerConinuously check the health of your server by using our PING monitoring or specify your own custom port. Predefined ports like ftp, SSH and many more. Performance monitoring by analysing your response times.DatabaseMonitor both MySQL and MSSQL database servers with our 3306 or 1433 port monitoring service. Authenticate againsted a specific database schema via username and password.Domain NameMonitor your domain name and make sure it hasn't expired. Take advantage of our DNS monitoring and check specific records such as A, CNAME, PTR, MX, NS, TXT and SVR that may point to local intranets, mail services or remote offices.CustomYou can check just about anything on the internet. If you require custom port or a custom application our system has the flexibility to adapt. If it can't we would love to hear from you as the product is continuly being developed. 


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