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Buza Chicken – The Most Popular Korean restaurant to Buy Authentic Korean Dishes for a Comprehensive Price

If you are a foodie, who is desperate to try the Best Korean Chicken fry or other Korean dishes then you should visit Buza Chicken. Buza Chicken is a famous Korean restaurant, where you can all types of Korean food, including Fried Chicken, Korean hotpot, Korean fried chicken, Halal Korean chicken, Halal foods, chicken and beer.

You can also find us on the list of the best vegetarian restaurant for Korean takeaway.

Our Special Food

1. Korean Cuisine: We are experts in Korean Cuisine which is largely based on vegetables, seafood, rice and meats. We serve Korean dishes with authentic flavours that reflect Korean culture.
2. Crispy Fried Cauliflower: We specialise in making delicious fried foods, particularly our crispy fried cauliflower is one the favourites for many.
3. BBQ Beef Loaded Fries: We specially select well-seasoned potatoes for making Fries loaded with BBQ beef. The unique taste we provide will be a mouth-watering dish that you should try once in your life.
4. Delicious Fried Chicken: We are the experts in making delicious fried chicken only by using home ingredients. Buza Chicken is the most-rated place to eat delicious fried chicken.
5. Korean Burger: Korean burger is the hamburger version of Korea’s delicious bulgogi beef. Our Korean burgers are highly juicy and taste good.
6. Korean Soju: We offer Korean Soju as it is which is popular for being a clear and colourless distilled alcoholic beverage.

Why Choose Us?

Buza Chicken is a paradise for a person who loves Korean dishes with authentic flavours. We offer the best street food you can find in the bustling Hongdae Food Street and Night Market. Buza Chicken is the one-stop where you can find all authentic Korean street foods including various sizzling hot plates.
We are specialists in delivering hearty Korean stews and delicious crispy fried cauliflower and BBQ Beef Loaded with Fries.

Our Expertise

Buza Chicken has been in this food business for several years. It doesn’t matter what they eat, there would be space for our irresistible and delicious fried chicken for many Korean dish lovers. We serve delicious fried chicken in yummy flavours like Soy Smoke, Original, Sweet & Spicy, Snow Cheese or Spring Onion.

Contact & Location Details

Buze Chicken is a Melbourne-based business. We sever our food all over the Melbourne CBD. You can easily spot all top on-demand food delivery applications, and also you can collect your favourite Korean dishes by visiting either of our Melbourne central or Queen Street branches.
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