“Wooden Bow Tie Boys are the leading wooden bow tie makers” -

Wooden Bow Tie Boys is a company started due to the lack of high quality and affordable wooden bow ties in the market place.

YES! We want high quality handcrafted bow ties to make a stunning statement. We want to stand out from others and draw attention, compliments and awe of everyone around us. www-woodenbowtieboys-com-au

BUT… we don’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it. Sure there are the bigger companies that offer similar high quality wooden bow ties but you have to pay exorbitant prices if you purchase from them.

That’s why Wooden Bow Tie Boys was created.

We are just like you and have now sourced and secured high quality wooden bow tie products and can offer them to you are amazing low prices. Better than anyone on the internet offering similar wooden bow ties.
We also offer free shipping on all orders and our wooden bow ties are made to order so we can customise them as well.  If you want a custom wooden bow tie, get in touch with us today.
We hope you browse through our entire website and check out all our Fashion, Wedding, Kids and Beard wooden bow tie ranges.
We use a range of materials including ash, wedge, black walnut and oak.
We have new wooden bow tie designs being added to the site each week so make sure you check back regularly.

Our Wooden Bow ties are for Men and Kids. They are:

Hand crafted  using a range of wooden materials.

With a selection of fabrics as the centerpiece.

They are adjustable with an elastic neck band.

What you should know:

Our Quality: We use only the best timbers and quality fabrics to bring you a unique piece.

Craftsmanship: We are craftsmen so all our pieces are made by hand and produced with love

Customer service: We are old school and hold those amazing customer service standards.


8 First Avenue Cheltenham SA 5014 Australia



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